I recently visited South Loop Loft’s new location in River North and fell in love with the vibe of the space. It’s so luxe and every piece in the room takes your breathe away. It’s so opulent that the second I saw it I started to picture myself in myself lounging around the space in a gorgeous ballgown. And then it dawned on me…why just picture it? Why not make it happen?!

Photo credit: Ali Stone

Enter this Badgley Mischka gown from Rent the Runway! I knew it would be the perfect complement to the already stunning space at South Loop Loft. The smooth, velvety material had the same high end feel and worked so well with all the art in the room.  So, I placed an order for a 4-day rental and prayed the final product would match what I saw in my head.

They turned out even better than I thought! I absolutely love the images. But when I saw them I couldn’t help but feel like, “Wow. This woman looks like someone who loves to be the star of the show.” And the truth is, that could not be further from the truth for me. That realization really made me think about my own personality.

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You probably wouldn’t guess it based off the fact that I’m a blogger and share a great deal of my life online, but I’m a pretty reserved and observant person. Not that I’m shy (I’m not!)…I just love my space and when left up to me, I prefer to observe other people rather than interact with them. But in situations where I have to—or feel drawn to—jump in the mix, I have no problem holding court. (Though, I hate small talk.) But once it’s over, I definitely have to step away and recharge.

I’m not the type of person you can spring last minute plans on and if I do decide to go out, you can be sure I’m going to ask who and how many people are going to be there. I need to be able to mentally prepare myself to expend the necessary energy.

If you’ve ever met me in a social setting, you’re probably reading this and feeling very confused. Like, I said, I can hold court with the best of them. But if you’ve ever talked to me the day after a gathering of some sort, this all makes total sense to you. It’s usually during that time that I’m most ‘me.’ I’m quiet, pensive, and generally in my head. A lot. That said, I enjoy the occasional opportunity to leave my thoughts at the door and let loose!

What’s your personality type?