It was nearly 100 degrees in NYC today! What better day to pile on the lace and sheer fabric?! And that’s exactly what I did! 

Check it out!

The black, lace skirt you guys have seen before. It’s a Forever 21 find worn with a pair of black boy shorts underneath.

Now the shirt has quite the interesting story. I’ve been using Poshmark (in addition to my online store) to sell some of the items from my closet. In case you’re not familiar with Poshmark, it’s an iPhone app that allows you to buy, sell, and trade your unwanted clothing directly from your iPhone. (It’s sorta like Instagram, but with the option to buy.) If you have an iPhone and need to clean out your wardrobe, you should definitely download this free app today!

This sheer, polka dot crop top is a Poshmark find. I love it! Even with the neutral palette, it’s perfect for summer because of it’s open back and flowy fabric. Definitely one of my new favorite wardrobe pieces. The back is so much fun!

What do you think of what I wore today?