ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! I love me some black. Anytime someone asks me what my favorite color is I always say black. I’m not sure if it’s really my favorite color or if I just say that because it’s the color I like to wear the most. Whatever the case, here’s what I wore today…

I got this faux fur vest from Forever 21 a few months ago on sale for $7.99. I’ve been waiting for cooler weather.

I belted it with a belt from a pair of shorts in my closet and tossed on my favorite black necklace.

Even my nails are black! (Although they’ve been that way for a few weeks now. Gotta love those gel manicures, huh?)

I paired it with a simple pair of black tights and black rider boots from Aldo.

Right before I walked out the door, I grabbed my varsity jacket from H&M to make sure I didn’t freeze to death in my office. And good thing I did, because someone decided to leave the windows open all weekend. Yikes!

What I wore today…take it or leave it?