It’s been a while since I posted a “What I Wore”…mostly because law schools/law school professors are sadists who derive pleasure from watching 1L’s suffer. Ugh! But anyways, I figured I would stop being negligent (see, I’m even starting to blog like a lawyer) and update you guys on what’s shakin’ in my closet. Sidenote: I’ve added on some new writers to keep you guys entertained when I’m being a total slacker. Be looking out for them!

So here’s what I wore this week…


You guys know I love me some black. Monday was no exception. I wore a pair of black harem pants from Forever 21 over top a black shorts romper (also from Forever 21) and added some visual detail with a vintage beaded vest that I purchased from Goodwill a few years ago. I chose to play off my skin tone by completing the outfit with a pair of brown leather platform wedges.

Black romper – $24, Forever 21; Harem Pants, $8 – Forever 21; Beaded vest – $2, Goodwill; Leather Platform Wedges – $28, Buffalo Exchange


I kinda got a little crazy with the sequins on Tuesday. I had this great sequin top I thrifted a few years ago that I haven’t gotten much wear out of. So why not, right?! And I figured since I was gonna do it, I may as well go all out. I paired the top with a pair of navy & metallic platform. I did decide to tone it down by wearing a pair of white jeans. (I don’t believe in “No white after Labor Day. Sue me.)

Sequin top – $4, Goodwill; Navy Platforms – $85, Aldo; Jeans – $24


After going all out on Tuesday (by law school standards), I decided to go a lot more casual the following day. I actually styled this outfit around my wool hat. I tossed it on just playing around in my closet and fell in love with the way the color popped against my blonde hair (I haven’t worn this cap since I dyed my hair) and just decided I had to wear it. Add in a graphic tee, studded shorts and Mickey Mouse button up around the waist and you’ve got one of my favorite outfits from the week.

“Black” tee – $14, H&M; Cut off shorts – $10 (DIY), Salvation Army; Mickey Mouse Button Up – $11, Beacon’s Closet


I woke up in a great mood on Thursday as reflected by the fact that I piled on the bright colors. There’s even a rosy glow to my cheeks. haha. You guys have seen this fringe dress from Ekineyo before. I simply paired it with a cardigan from Forever 21 and a thin gold belt. Favorite outfit of the week!

Fringe Color Block dress – gifted, Ekineyo; Navy & cream cardigan – $14


Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, I’ve got tons of classes to make up. Today was a “make up” day which means I had class at 8:30am. I am NOT a morning person, so waking up at 7am took everything I had. I’m pretty sure I was sleepwalking when I grabbed this asymmetrical dress from my closet, tied it in a knot, tossed on a necklace and ran out of the door. Luckily, it came together nicely.

Asymmetrical dress – $45, ASOS; Plate necklace – $25, Aldo (accessories); Combat boots – $25

What do you think of what I wore this week?