Today’s To Do List:

– Go to ConEd

– Pick up new NYU ID

– Visit Financial Aid

– Return/Exchange Living Room Curtains

No where on that list does it include stopping at either Aldo or Goodwill, but…THEY WERE RIGHT THERE! I couldn’t resist.

I always manage to catch good accessories sales at Aldo and today was no exception. I stopped by on my way to pick my new replacement ID at NYU and couldn’t resist buying these beautifully patterned scarves*. They just screamed “TURBAN!”

Aldo: $11.98 - BOGO*

I love the bright, natural patterns. They are also a lightweight material, so they can still be worn in this summer heat.

Don’t they make great turbans?!

I also got these cute wooden bangles. I opted for the square ones instead of the round ones because…well…you can find round bangles anywhere.

Aldo: $4.98

But the absolute best buy of the day were the two books I bought at Goodwill–He’s Just Not That Into You and L.A. Candy (by Lauren Conrad of The Hills). I got two $20, New York Times Bestselling books for .99/each!!!

FYI: I recommend every woman read He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s a hilarious (I’ve LOL’d at least 10x already), tell it like it is, account of how we [women] get in our own way sometimes. If he doesn’t call, if he never actually asks you out, if he “doesn’t wanna ruin the friendship”, or if he’s “too busy”…it’s not because he’s a bad guy, triflin’, a player, etc–and if he is it’s because you’re allowing him to be by accepting those excuses–HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! Take your fabulousness elsewhere! xoxo