CONFESSION: If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I didn’t really buy these items today. Technically they came in the mail on Wednesday, but today is the first chance I’ve had to post a blog. So, now that we’ve got that little white lie out of the way….

I bought these items in anticipation of summer in New York City (which is AWESOME by the way!!!). Although winter has been relatively mild this season, I am officially OVER. IT. These purchases were my way of coping. lol

The thought of spring/summer always gets me really excited when it comes to fashion. Every summer I tell myself that I’m going to channel my inner Rainbow Brite, wearing lots of prints and patterns…and I never do. But this year I’m for real. No seriously, I am. lol. I’m counting on you guys to hold me accountable!

You can get these ASOS leggins and Forever 21 jacket here: