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Fall is taking it’s precious time arriving here in the Bayou (and it won’t stick around for long once it does). Yesterday was the first relatively cool day we’ve had so I made sure to seize the moment but layering on a few of my fall favorites while still keeping things a little fun with strategic pops of color. I took one of my favorite maxi dresses and tied it up at the knee to create a great fall dress. And the leopard print scarf and autumn inspired color palette are perfect for forcing fall’s arrival…by any means necessary!

As for these shoes, I think they may have taken the spot as my new favs. I love, love, love them! They’re such a great fall shoe. I love the combination buckle and lace-up details. So bad ass! Where are they from? You guessed it–Shoedazzle! (Don’t they always get it right?!)

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Cherry Bomb Atlanta | Jacket: ENVY Boutique | Bag: Poshmark | Shoes: RAJA’s from Shoedazzle