It’s been 6 weeks since I cut my hair and everyday I fall in love with it all over again. My new hair has brought about some changes in my personal life , but the biggest change that I’ve noticed is my level of confidence.

I just feel like it’s easy to feel beautiful when you’ve got long silky hair, mainly because other people will undoubtedly see you as so; thus, making it easier for you to feel the same. But with short hair (especially natural hair) comes critics and fans alike. I’ve been forced to do some real soul searching and find the things about me that make me beautiful beyond my physical appearance. Now, don’t get me wrong…the wrapping ain’t half bad!…LOL…but more and more each day I’m realizing confidence comes from how YOU feel about YOURSELF, not how you think OTHER people feel about you.

~What other people think about you is none of YOUR business!