BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand__01BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand_04BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand_02(2)BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand_03BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand_05(1)BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand_06(1)BlakeVonD_LuckyBrand_07(1) One of the greatest things about fashion is that all of your favorite styles from the—and of course, so do the things you hated—always come back around. We’re seeing it with chokers and now overalls. The little girl in me could not be happier about this! I was obsessed with TLC as a kid (who wasn’t?!) and I always wanted to wear my overalls with one strap off the way they did in all of their video. Unfortunately, my grandmother was not having that. She would always yell at me to, “Put my damn clothes on!” (Southern grandmothers can be so dramatic. lol.) But now that I’m adult, I can wear my overalls however I want! So far, I’m still wearing them with both straps with just a simple crop top underneath, but who knows? That could change!

What I’m Wearing:

Overalls: c/o Lucky Brand (love this one too)

Bag: c/o Lucky Brand

Top: American Apparel

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