blakevond_shoedazzle_ellise_09 blakevond_shoedazzle_ellise_03blakevond_shoedazzle_ellise_18 blakevond_shoedazzle_ellise_16blakevond_shoedazzle_ellise_20blakevond_shoedazzle_ellise_10Photo credit: Harlin Miller

Ever take time to notice the unexpected, but beautiful things in your life? I pass this small little sit down spot every day on my commute home from school and I always think of just that. It’s really a diamond in the rough. Sort of the structural equivalent of Tupac’s Rose That Grew From Concrete. The surrounding neighborhood is in much need of color and revitalization and it appears that the city has begun taking steps to beautify the area. I love the colors and structures made from upcycled window frames.

My jacket is the perfect complement to the brightly painted window frames and my white jeans give the colors the perfect opportunity to shine. Sometimes it’s relaxing to just exist rather than compete for attention.

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket: Forever 21 | Shirt: Express | Jeans: Love Culture | Shoes: c/o Shoedazzle