The universe must have known that moving into my new place was going to be a pain in my neck, because it decided to bless me with a trip to Mexico the week before my big move.

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Fairmont Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, Mexico along with a few other bloggers. This was my first time ever visiting Mexico so I was super excited about going. Not only would I be visiting this beautiful resort, but I was also really looking forward to consistently hot weather.

My first thought upon arriving to the resort was, “Wow! This place is beautiful!” We were greeted by a gorgeous lobby, drinks and beautiful views of the property. 

After we got a view of the property, we had some time to relax by one of the many, many pools on the property. When I say “many pools”, that’s exactly what I mean. I got lost so many times during the 4 day trip. I’m pretty good with directions, but there came a point where it was hard to tell one crystal blue pool from the next.

After spending a little time by the pool—with drinks, of course—we headed to dinner. I basically ate the same thing every day. Not because there wasn’t a great deal of variety, but because I just could not get enough of the lobster tacos. Seriously, they were SO amazing. Every day I told myself I was going to order something different and always found myself pigging out on a plate full of lobster tacos.

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of them. They always disappeared from the plate before anyone had a chance to snap a pic. But just trust me when I tell you…the tacos alone are worth the trip.

The next day we had a jam packed itinerary. With so many things to do, it was important to be on time and not hold the day up. So one of the things I loved about the property was there were so many ways to get around. There were bikes, golf carts and walking, of course.

So I hopped on a golf cart and headed to meet the other girls for a coconuts and boat ride around the property.

Me; Brooke of KBStyled; Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied; Jenn of Haute Off the Rack

After the boat ride, we each got massages at the spa. I’ve never been much of a massage kind of girl. (When I’m away from my phone I get separation anxiety, so I usually have a hard time relaxing.) But after about 15 minutes, I was able to unwind and really enjoy it. I can see myself adding massages to my regular self-care routine…after I hit the lottery, of course.

During dinner we were given a beer and mezcal tasting. If you’re into really strong drinks, mezcal is for you! I don’t weigh enough to engage in such adult activities, but it was great to try out a popular Mexican staple and check off my bucket list.

Some of the other activities we got to experience were a virtual tour and a trip to the planetarium.

Our last day in Mexico was pretty relaxed. We hung out by the pool most of the day and took in the beautiful views. Of course, this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the swim-up bar.

Overall, it was an amazing (and relaxing) experience and I can’t wait until the next time I’m able to take a trip to Mexico. I loved how friendly everyone was and felt like I even picked up a little Spanish while I was there. (Unfortunately, it was gone before I even made it back to the airport. lol)

Now, excuse me while I go try to make myself a couple of lobster tacos.

Special thanks to Fairmont Mayakoba for the amazing trip, the great group of girls who made the trip tons of fun and to Hallie Duesenberg for the gorgeous photos.

Stay tuned for all of the fashion from the trip.