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I recently took a trip to LA for a much needed break from Chicago. Any time people ask me where I’m from I have to go through the run down of all the places I’ve lived over the past decade. It always ends with me saying, “I’ve done everywhere but the West Coast.” Well, after this last trip to LA, I can pretty confidently say that line will remain true. LA is beautiful and the weather is to die for, but the way of life just isn’t for me. When I tell you people move SO. SLOW! OMG! The New Yorker/East Coast girl in me who’s a stickler for being on time just cannot take it.

That said, I made sure to swing by a few of the notable LA walls for a few shoots. That part was really fun. Hunting down all the walls I’ve seen on Instagram for years, but never had a chance to make my way to. This is the famous Paul Smith wall off Melrose. Crazy how a brightly painted building has become such a tourists site. So much so that they have rules posted. Naturally, I broke just about all of them, because #WhoGonCheckMeBoo? Lol.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: c/o AKIRA (get it HERE)

Pants: Poshmark

Bag: c/o Furla

Bracelet: Forever 21

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