I’ve been in NYC for the past couple of days (hence my blogging hiatus), and I just could not leave this city without visiting a few thrift stores. I was introduced to a place called Beacon’s Closet. This place had EVERYTHING! When I say everything, that’s exactly what I mean. I came across a pair of real…yes real…Manolo Blahniks. O…did I forgot to mention the amazing wedding dress I saw for a mere $24.95? The things people throw away in this city. Smh

Check out my finds:

Plaid Cropped Jacket – $10

I’ve become obsessed with sequins/beading. NYC did not disappoint!

Beaded Cardigan – $18

Between the great thrift stores and the things I bought in China Town for DIY projects (coming soon), NYC is making this move rather easy. I can’t wait!