“Hi, my name is Blake and I’m a compulsive thrifter.” (This is the part where you’re all supposed to say, “HI BLAKE!” lol.)

I swear I didn’t plan on going thrifting today. My plan was to hit up one of my favorite places to buy shoes — Cherry Bomb — and get a pair of black heels. That’s it! Well I did that, but THEN I thought to myself, “Who buys shoes without buying at least one article of clothing? Besides, Rag-O-Rama is RIGHT THERE.” So I moseyed on down and I’ll be darn if I didn’t hit the jackpot!

Check out my finds:

Top – $12.50; Skirt – $10

The outfit was completely unplanned. I figured I would just pick up a couple random pieces and figure out what to do with it later. The shirt was the first thing I found and the minute I saw it, it was sold. Next I came across the skirt. I’ve been on the hunt for a blue jean skirt for a while now, but they didn’t have any to my liking. But when I saw the white one I figured I’d try it and see what happened.

In the dressing room, I often try things on together just to save time. (Even if I have no intention of ever wearing those two items together). When I did that I noticed…”Wow, both the top and the skirt have gold accents and I kinda like the way this looks. Actually…I LOVE the way this looks!”  And there you have it.

Thank you thrift store gods!

See more pics below:

*Shoes not thrifted