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Photo credit: Ali Stone of Those White Walls

One of the oldest (and silliest) rules in fashion is, “No white after Labor Day.” I’m not sure who started it and why, but I do know I break that rule ALL the time. I mean, think about it. It to even find white before Labor Day. Summer and spring palates are bright and floral. Fall palates are stocked full of warm neutrals. Winter rolls around and you get a brief chance to rock your winter whites. But, in general, it can seem like there’s never an appropriate time to wear white. (Unless, you’re getting married, of course). Which is why I’ve opted to stop caring about when I wear white and, instead, choosing to simply do what I want. I know I’m not alone in that either. More and more people are tossing that dated notion to the wind.

Because it can be so hard to find great pieces in white, to find this jumpsuit and lace crop top, I used Lyst. Lyst is a website that features a collection of all the top designers and brands in one place. You can create ‘Lysts’ of things you like, set alarms for when those items go on sale, and shop lysts other users put together. Ever since I purchased these wide leg trousers, I’ve been on the hunt for a white jumpsuit in a similar silhouette. I found this one with list and layered it with a white lace crop top for added detail. I’ve also got my eye on a couple of others, but until my sale notification goes off, I’m going to continue trying to be a fiscally responsible adult who doesn’t spend all her money on gummi bears and Coca-Cola. Lol.

In the meantime, you should head over and check out my Lyst of perfect after Labor Day whites!