Photo credit: Tosha Eason

I told you guys that I would do a better job of getting posts up and I’m working on it. I promise. I have a ton of shoots set up for the month of September so I hope you guys can keep up. This is another post from my trip to LA month. I’m posting this just as I’m packing for a trip to New York for the weekend. I can’t wait to get some good content while I’m there so I can come back and that with you guys too!

As for this look, one word…GAUCHOS! Never in my life did I think gauchos would be something I was into, but I seriously cannot get enough of them. No matter how hard I try. Although, I have to admit I don’t try that hard. Lol. I also love the way the jumpsuit looks like a 2 piece, but cuts down on keeping up with both pieces by seamlessly connecting them in the back. I may eventually get the pant shortened to be a bit more cropped, but I have a feeling this piece is going to be in rotation for a long time to come. Trends be damned!

What I’m Wearing:

Two-Piece Jumpsuit c/o ASOS (also here)

Steve Madden ‘Primpy’ Heels c/o Nordstrom

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