“Hollow diatribes like this, reeking of machismo and senseless boasting, are nothing new. Just a transparent attempt to silence the collective female voice. It’s telling that what the author likes best about his Ivy League educated girlfriend is that she “do all the shit that I say.” She’s apparently a “smart girl, too,” but no surprise that he ranks that trait a distant second behind obedience.”

Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but I had NO IDEA that Aubrey O’Day (of Danity Kane) was this articulate. Today, in my quest to lift my spirits after some bad news, I began searching the web for some comedic relief. One link led to another link which led me to this article. In this Vibe blog post, O’Day addresses recent comments made by Slim Thug. (If you missed my post yesterday check it out here).

“Despite what you may have read, I’m a White girl that couldn’t cook to save her life, treats no man like a king and certainly doesn’t obey dictatorial male ego, even if it means my job… but I certainly can cater to deserving men who are secure enough to take on the challenge of a strong woman. We can be loud, opinionated, and rebellious, and we make no apologies for it. It’s not a Black thing, or a White thing. It’s a women thing, and trust me when I say that the sooner you men come to realize it, the better off you’ll be.

The only reason I stopped to read her reponse was because I just knew she would be defending his views. After all, she is white, right? But only did she not defend him, but she spoke the GOSPEL! I was glad to see these sentiments coming from a white woman, because I feel like black women have been saying it ad nauseam. But of course our voices are dismissed because “Clearly she’s just mad that we don’t want her”. But who knows? People will probably just say, “She doesn’t count, because loud, ghetto & lazy just like black women”. *sigh*

So much for all white women being docile and “obedient” huh?

Read the entire article here