Being an entrepreneur has its pros and cons. While being your own boss is certainly a pro, feeling like you never have a day off is definitely a con. When everyone else has paid days off and office closures for national holidays, for an entrepreneur, the work just seems to keep coming! And even though I recently admitted to not being the best at work/life balance, I’m definitely trying to do better in that department. Which is why I’m so happy to be on my own self-imposed holiday break until after the new year.

I completed my last branded assignment last week and have been taking it easy ever since. And even though my 2018 calendar is already starting to fill up with work and travel, I’m not paying any of it any attention until January 1st…at least!

So consider this post my away message.

Photo credit: Ali Stone

See you next week!


Sequin Blazer c/o H&M – sold out (try this one!) | Sheer Maxi Skirt (size 0; also, I layered 2 skirts) | Suede Booties & Fringe Earrings c/o Lucky Brand