POMPADOURS GALORE! It’s 2012 and this 1700’s original is still going strong. There’s no doubt that the most famous pompadour of our day belongs to the effortlessly gorgeous Janelle Monae. Every time I see a picture of her rocking her signature look, I get a strong urge to grow my hair out so I can give it a try. Lucky for me and my complete lack of patience, the feeling usually passes.

But I recently had to fight the urge again when I came across a picture of my personal photographer and old high school friend Qamra rockin’ her own version of the pompadour. It’s super FAB!

When I asked her how she went about achieving this chic style, she informed me that it’s a pretty simple process and volunteered to make a tutorial video for you guys.

Check out her how-to video…

Thanks for the video Q! ♥

Will you be trying this style???