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Photo credit: Harlin Miller

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I don’t talk about the fact that I’m in law school much on the blog. That’s largely because I try to keep things light and fun here and neither of those words describe my law school experience. Lol. It’s time consuming and draining! LAWD! Lol. So at this point, I’m just trying to grin and bear it. The silver lining for me is that this process has helped me to realize that I have no intentions of practicing traditional law and I have no desire to enter big firm life. That said, I do understand that there will be times when I have to “look the part”—even if only just a little. (Because let’s face it, a platinum blonde close cut isn’t exactly the picture of corporate America. And I’m perfectly okay with that!) And even though I plan to go into business for myself, it’s always nice to have a couple of staple, more conservative pieces for those clients who require it. Which is why I love this dress that I custom designed through PIOL Dress.

PIOL Dress is a new, innovative site that is tackling customized dresses for women head on! Long gone are the days when only men know what it’s like to have a suit perfectly tailored to their measurements. PIOL Dress is taking the styling philosophy made famous by style pioneer Edith Head and spreading it to the masses. During the design process, you select your skin, hair and eye color and the site renders you a personal color profile and a set of fabric colors/patterns to perfectly match your profile. Once you’ve picked your colors and selected your dress style, you enter your measurements, and in 4 to 6 weeks a custom dress arrives at your doorstep!

I was so excited when my dress arrived and even more excited about the fact that it fits like a glove! And as someone who is constantly having to get things taken in, you have NO idea how much joy that brings me. The hemline is a little longer than I would normally wear (I don’t have all these legs for NOTHIN! lol) but given the purpose I designed this dress for, I think the length is totally appropriate. I kept with as conservative a look as my inner edgy self would allow by pairing my dress with a pair of floral detailed lace sling-backs and a black jacket. But I couldn’t resist the urge to shake things up a little with this graphic print handbag from Shoedazzle’s gx by Gwen Stefani collection. Whatever. Sue me! There’s only so much a girl can take. lol

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Dress: c/o PIOL Dress | Shoes: Zara (via Bib & Tuck) | Jacket: c/o Chicwish | Bag: c/o Shoedazzle | Watch: Aldo | Earrings: c/o Stella & Dot

***This post is sponsored by PIOL Dress. I was provided with product and compensated for my time; however, all opinions expressed are my own.