This morning I woke up and did what any normal person does–I felt around under the covers for my Blackberry and proceeded to check emails, Facebook notifications and of course, Twitter. Most of it was just the normal “You call this a bank account?” email from BOA and “Here’s how to spend what little $ you do have” emails from Groupon & Lifebooker.

But as I made my way to Twitter, I found one very special tweet from @Essenceonline and literally began screaming into the pillow!

The back story…

I attended a cocktail event hosted by A Belle in Brooklyn on Monday at Ink48 in Manhattan. Partly because I’m in LOVE with June Ambrose but mostly because I desperately needed to get a haircut (got one today), I decided to give the increasingly popular turban look a try. Needless to say…it was a hit! Lots of people at the event complimented me on it and the photographer for the event asked to take my photo as he made his rounds to the people on the rooftop. Me? Turn down a photo op? Never! lol.

I got an email last night from the photographer with copies of the photos, but it was super cool to wake up to see it all come to life. I mean, I scored the ever coveted main photo slot on the post and then got a tweet from the magazine’s Twitter page. Yeah, I’m kinda a big deal. haha. jk jk. (Although I’m still not sure how they got my Twitter name. o_0)

Check out the photos to see what I wore:

What do you guys think of what I wore?