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It’s funny how life has a way of making you into a liar. About 4 years ago, while I was visiting law schools, I flew to Chicago from New York City to check out Northwestern. Literally the second I stepped off the plane it was a big “HELL. NO!” for me. It was f*cking FREEZING that day and I just was not here for it! I made the decision right then that I would never come back to Chicago so long as I lived. Like, whhhhyyyy do people choose to live someplace where the air literally hurts your face? Nope. Not here for it.

Fast forward all these years later, here I am an official Chicago resident—I even got rid of the Georgia license I’ve had since I was 17—and loving it. Do I still hate the winters here? You bet. And am I still waiting for my lottery numbers to hit so I can spend my summers in Chicago and the winters in Turks & Caicos? Yep. But until then, you’ll find me camped out in the Chi and making the most of this wonderful city. (Unless, one of you wants to take me on vacation, in which case, I’m in!)

What I’m Wearing:

Top: c/o Uniqlo

Jeans: c/o JustFab (on sale for $9.99!)

Necklace: c/o Porter Lyons

Watch: c/o  Klasse14

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