Today I visited The Met to see the Alexander McQueen: SAVAGE BEAUTY Exhibit. It was a really fun day and the exhibit itself was absolutely breathtaking! There were moments when I thought I might actually cry. So sad to have such a infinitely talented being taken from us so soon. I wish I could have gotten more pics but it wasn’t allowed. However, I did manage to sneak a few. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone!)

See video of these street performers below

My ‘Met’ pin!

For some reason, I really love this photograph.

The line to the McQueen exhibit was RIDICULOUS!!! Like, 2 hours worth of ridiculous!

The one picture I was able to sneak get inside the actual exhibit.

This is only 1/1000000th of the amazing-ness that was and IS Alexander McQueen! R.I.P.

Check out these awesome street performers–Acapella Soul–singing outside The Met.

I even got my own personal serenade. lol