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Ever have one of those weekends that is just TERRIBLE from start to finish? That was me this past weekend. Between having my computer stolen at the airport (I got it back in less than 24 hrs thanks to Apple’s tracking device, my unrelenting pursuit and the amazing work of the local police department) and nearly getting into a car accident, I have never been happier to see Monday so I can start fresh!

My friends over at Shoedazzle must have known I needed a pick me up, because I returned home from a trip to Atlanta to a package full of goodies. In the package were these amazing yellow flats (I SERIOUSLY love them) and a pair of black denim pants from their new Nevermind Denim Collection. Yes, Shoedazzle now carries denim! You guys know that I’ve had a longstanding relationship with Shoedazzle and I’m so happy that I’m able to share in their growth. Speaking of growth, I was told that the pants ran a little small, but I honestly found them to fit perfectly. With all of the vanity sizing going on these days, it’s nice to find a brand that still uses traditional sizing. Now, I will say that there isn’t much stretch in this particular pair, so they are a little tough to get into. (Mainly the ankle holes). But once they’re on they’re perfectly comfortable and nothing feels too small.

I paired my new jeans with a tank top from DOPEciety, a new brand owned and operated by my newest friend, Denisio Truitt. I love the Diaspora inspired mask design on the front of the shirt—probably because it reminded me of myself. (Seriously, doesn’t it kinda look like me? Lol.) I can’t wait for the t-shirt version to go on sale, because I’ll be getting one of those as well. I added in a pop of color and a nice play off the tee with these bright yellow flats from Shoedazzle. The moment I took these out of the box and tried them on I feel instantly happy. And again, after the weekend I had, I needed to feel happy. I love that they can so easily transition into different. I can just see myself wearing them in a professional setting with a neutral colored outfit and I can’t wait! (I think Stacey and Clinton would approve.)

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T-Shirt: c/o DOPEciety | Jeans & Shoes: c/o Shoedazzle | Bag: Shoedazzle | Necklace: Cherry Bomb (closed) | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington