I’m sure you guys are well aware by now of my ongoing partnership with Marshalls. (And if you don’t know, now you know! Sorry I couldn’t resist. Lol.) As part of this partnership, it is literally my job to shop and share all of the surprising items I find in-store and online.

After spending several days a week in Marshalls over the past few months, I have become quite familiar with what I can expect to find. It’s always something good, but every now and then, even I’m shocked.

Enter this designer military jacket!


Photo credit: Rachel Bires

I found this velvet military jacket recently and nearly fainted. Not only are the quality and fit amazing, but the price completely shocked me. A little known fact about me: I’m kind of a savant when it comes to guessing the price of things. (A skill developed by a lifetime of balling on a really small budget.) Don’t believe me? When I first joined the Marshalls Ambassador program, they flew us out to Boston and we played “Guess the Price.” I guessed correctly more times than anyone else. I even won a Keurig for my efforts.

That said, even I wasn’t prepared for the price of this one! Can you guess 1) how much it retails for and 2) how much I purchased it for? Go ahead…give it try.


You have a number in your head? Chances are you’re way off.

This designer jacket retails for $350 and I purchased it for $60. That is a whopping 83% off the retail value! Which means it was practically free. Which means I basically stole it. A literal steal! Lol.

Paired with $10 jeans (also from Marshalls) this jacket is probably my favorite Marshalls find to date and I plan to wear it wherever it makes sense to wear it—and everywhere it doesn’t. So if you see me high stepping around town, don’t mind me. I’m just excited about having broken the law and gotten away with it. Lol.


What I’m Wearing:

Velvet Military Jacket c/o Marshalls | High Waist Flare Denim c/o Marshalls | Purse c/o Marshalls | Hat: AKIRA

DISCLAIMER: This post was created in collaboration with Marshalls for which I was compensated; however, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make blakevond.com possible.