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Photo credit: Tosha Eason

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers posted about how she had edited 100 pictures in one day and it reminded me of just how much I’m NOT on top of my game as a blogger. The proof? It’s been nearly a month since my trip to LA and I’m just now getting around to editing and posting images from the trip. I promise I’m going to become one of those bloggers who’s pumping out 3-5 posts a week. Scout’s Honor! (Find a full-time, reliable and affordable photographer is half the battle though).

Until then, enjoy (and shop) the images of this maxi dress I grabbed at Marshall’s for only $19. It was perfect for the warm LA weather and is going to continue to be in heavy rotation until the Chicago weather forces me to put it away and invest in a North Face.

In the meantime, if you need me I’ll be at my computer editing more images and trying to get my (blogger) life together.

What I’m Wearing:

Band of Gypsies Maxi Dress c/o Marshall’s

Shoedazzle Heels

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