Time to bring in the new year! And I’m pretty sure it’s criminal to bring it in in an outfit that’s anything less than stellar. My idea of the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit is either one of two things–full of sparkle or full of color (and sometimes a delicate balance of the two). Personally, I’m more of a colorless, strategic sparkle kinda girl, but for you ladies who don’t mind a little color, I say…Go for it!

“Ashish Sequined V-Back Dress, $895; Marciano Lara Heel, $270; Laura Lee Diamond Studs, $405; Herve Leger Strapless Bandage Dress, $995; Giuseppe Zanotti, $460; Popeye Minaudiere, $1,950; Jessica Simpson Gold/Emerald Earrings, $30”

Choice #1: Sparkle.

Usually a dress covered in sequins would be a huge fashion faux pas, but for some reason New Year’s Eve is an exception to that rule. Pairing the dress with simple accessories is the perfect way to tone down what could be an overbearing piece. The long sleeves brings the focus to your legs and reveals just the right amount of skin. The fact that the dress is a little less than form fitting keeps it looking cheap. Black shoes and a black clutch creates a visual balance to the glare created from the dress. lol

Choice #2: Color.

This purple Herve Leger dress is the perfect splash of color for New Year’s Eve. But just wearing a purple dress is not gonna get the job done. An emerald and gold pair of teardrop earrings plays well with the dress as purple and green are complementary colors. A nice pair of nude colored pumps keeps you from looking like a walking box of Crayola crayons. The clutch adds that delicate mix of sparkle and color and brings all the pieces together in a way that seems almost effortless.   Now matter where you’re spending your New Year’s Eve or whatever you decide to wear…live it up! I mean, what’s the big deal if you can’t remember one night? There’s 364 more! lol