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Whenever I’m planning or picking out outfits to shoot for the blog, it hardly ever crosses my mind to simply throw on a pair of jeans and a tank top. Not because I don’t wear them (I do…often), but mainly because I feel like readers want to see something a little more “Ooo & ahhh” worthy. And not that I always deliver on that promise, but I try. I mean, that’s half the fun of reading blogs, right? But I think the other really important part of blogging—at least for me—is “keeping it real.”

As bloggers, people typically only get to see a very small part of our lives. The part where we dress up in pretty things, go on envy worthy vacays and brunch with our equally fabulous friends. But the truth is the other 90% of the time, we’re working from our couches in retainers and pimple cream or running errands in jeans and a t-shirt.

That said, it can be tempting to try to live up to the image of perfection. To make sure we’re always “on brand.” I’ve noticed myself doing it a lot more now that I live in Chicago. I don’t go out much these days (bar prep, blah!), but when I do I almost always run into someone who follows me on Instagram or who reads my blog. So, of course, the brand conscious blogger in me always wants to do one last head to toe check before I leave the house to make sure I “look like a blogger.” But what does a blogger “look like?” Bloggers have break outs, off days, and days where it’s just not that serious. Really. Some days, sweatpants are all that fit you right now. lol. Some days you just need to run out and pick up toilet paper, because you’re out. You know, real life stuff.

One of the beautiful things about having a platform is being able to let people into “your world” in whatever way you choose and one of the things I’ve always made sure to do with my platform is dispel the myth that I have it all together or that my life is all rainbows and sunshine. My friends tease me when we go out and people recognize me because it freaks me out every time. (I’m secretly an introvert). But more than that, I see myself as just a “regular girl” with a crap ton of student loan debt, no man and who just so happens to have a blog that people like. (THANK YOU!)

So, if you see me out in a $2.50 H&M top and a pair of “not-so-black-anymore” black jeans…DON’T BLAME ME! It’s probably laundry day and I’m out of toilet paper.

What I’m Wearing:


JEANS: American Apparel


SANDALS: ℅ Shoedazzle

BAG: Necessary Clothing (old) | similar here