Black Booties: c/o Shoedazzle (similar here)

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Photo credit: Melissa Ferrara of Iron Honey

I’m forever an Uptown/Harlem girl (I prefer the hustle & bustle of Manhattan and the bold, in-your-face personalities of Harlem girls), but I have to admit Brooklyn girls have this cool factor that’s tough to match. I always imagine Brooklynites roll out of bed each morning, toss on the first thing their hands touch and, somehow, it comes together in a way that gives you a serious case of closet envy. Just effortless cool.

When I picked out this romper, “effortless cool” is kind of what I had in mind. Something that you could just toss on and go without having to do a whole lot of thinking about it. But whenever I put it on I feel uber feminine and uncomfortably young. If you know me—or read my blog regularly—you know one of my least favorite things to feel is feminine. I hate the color pink. Ruffles are for children. And I’ll DIE before you catch me in anything even remotely close to a “Princess Ballgown”. Femininity, in the “traditional” sense, is such a contrived—and frankly, boring—concept and I hate feeling like I’m playing to those outdated notions. My idea of femininity is something a little edgier and a bit more opinionated.

Even though this romper features some serious ruffles, I thought it would give off a more layered look. Welp…that’s what I get for not trying things on before I buy them. But I fixed the problem by adding my own layers and edging it up with my favorite hat and a pair of comfy black booties. A hipster’s uniform, if you will. Lol. Now THIS is more me. Hold the “super girly,” please.

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