One look at my recent posts and you will see that I’m really into head pieces these days. Well I found this AWESOME bow for $6 at Rag-O-Rama while on vacation and the moment I saw it, it was as good as sold. I LOVE IT!

I had to do a quick DIY project on it in order to be able to wear it. The clasp that the bow came on didn’t work for me because my hair is so short.

So I bought a headband to attach the bow to.

I simply slid the headband behind the back of the clasp and then hot glued the outer most folds to the top of the headband. It took all of 5 mins.

Check it out!

I’m also really into button earrings these days.

I got these at a locally owned African store in Atlanta for $8.

Bows & Buttons…take ’em or leave ’em??