For a lot of people, the holidays can be really tough. There’s a lot of time spent with family and if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of family, it can feel a little…less than merry. But one of the great things about getting older and striking out on your own is that you get to establish your own holiday traditions with the people who mean the most to you!

This holiday season, I’ve teamed up with Lucky Brand to share some of my favorite holiday traditions as well as new ones I plan to start this year with friends and family here in Chicago.

Photo credit: Ali Stone

Growing up, one of my favorite holiday traditions centered on Christmas Eve. As a kid, it’s hard to top Christmas as a favorite holiday. Because who doesn’t love getting gifts?! It was like you waited the entire year—and if you were young enough to still believe in Santa, being on your best behavior—so you could get everything on your wish list. So, my favorite tradition was being able to open one gift on Christmas Eve!

My wishlist was never very long, but instead had 1 or 2 items that I knew there was no way I would ever get them unless it was for Christmas. I usually asked for expensive jewelry or overpriced electronics. So, by the the time Christmas rolled around, I knew almost for certain what I was getting. The fun for me was running full speed at the Christmas tree for the one item I knew was there but couldn’t wait another second to get my hands on.

Another thing I could always count on getting for Christmas was clothes. Now, they were never anything that my tween/teenage self would have been caught dead in, but it was always there. I wish instead that I had gotten some really cool pieces from Lucky Brand instead.

This first look is a super comfy look I would wear for holiday shopping or a casual coffee—well, hot chocolate for me—date with a friend.

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c/o Lucky BrandFringe Pullover (XS) | Cropped Denim Jeans (24) | Studded Booties | Leather Crossbody (old) | Fringe Earrings

A holiday tradition I will be starting this year is a New Year’s celebration at my place for friends. I love the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings and I feel like it’s a great chance to celebrate new goals with loved ones. (I also, like the idea of not having to brave the Chicago winter and large crowds to watch the ball drop with a hoard of strangers.)

This look is something I would wear to such a get together at my apartment. It’s slightly dressy and festive, but still comfortable enough that I can play hostess without having to fuss too much over my clothing.

When it comes to comfortable and unique holiday wear, Lucky Brand just gets it! So, yet another holiday tradition for me will always be shopping their collection.

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c/o Lucky BrandRuffle Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)Black Denim Jeans (I’m wearing size 24) | Suede Booties | Hoop Earrings

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