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Why high school reject? I don’t know. Something about this outfit and these photos took me back to my high school days. Perhaps because the outfit reminds me a bit of private school uniforms… if private school uniforms were designed by angst ridden teenage girls. lol. Looking at these pictures and thinking about high school reminded me of how much I didn’t fit in back then. I wasn’t a total outcast (likely because I played sports and luckily made friends there) but I was a lot different from my classmates in a lot of ways. I was always long, skinny and awkward (most teens are at some point), but I was also “that girl who’s in foster care and lives in a group home.” Even if other kids didn’t care (or even know) I always felt like I was walking around with a “foster kid” sign taped to my forehead. Emotionally I always felt on the outside. It’s so weird to look back, as an adult, on that time of my life and see how much things have changed and how—even though I will always feel like a foster kid in a lot of ways—I no longer feel ashamed of it. It’s a big part of who am I, but it’s not ALL of who I am. Things truly DO get better.

What I’m Wearing:

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Sweater: ℅ DOPEciety

Skirt: ℅ GoJane (similar here)

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: ℅ Shoedazzle (get them here) on sale!

Socks: H&M