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You ever walk into a store, see an item from across the room and immediately make it your mission to take out any man, woman or child who would dare try to stand between you and that item? That was me with this floral embroidered leather jacket. I walked in Nordstrom and there it was, hanging near the register (on hold for someone else). I frantically waved down the first sales associate I could find and asked, “That jacket! Where it is?!” She politely replied, “Over here. I can take you to it.” She started leading the way, but somehow I ended up several paces in front of her and thinking to myself, “Walk faster lady!” Yes, I was that pressed! And as fate would have it, of the 2 remaining jackets, one of them was an XS. Won’t He do it?!

It wasn’t at all what I went in Nordstrom looking for, but it was easily the highlight of my day. And every day since. Lol. I have to stop myself from grabbing it every time I reach in my closet for a jacket. After all, it’s not exactly an every day jacket, but it’s just so good that I almost can’t help myself. I’ve worn it several times already though and I always get the same response from strangers, “That coat is super bad ass!” I could not agree more!

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