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We all know that when it comes to fashion and style, fall is my favorite time of year. It’s finally starting to feel like fall here and Chicago, but that doesn’t mean that automatically mean it’s time to pack away your spring inspired pieces. You can still play around with color and prints in the fall.

The bomber jacket is still on trend for fall and I’ve been putting mine to good use—(here and here). So, of course, I’m never opposed to adding another one to my growing collection. This tropical print blazer from Marshalls is a little on the thinner side so it’s best suited for those warmer fall days. It’s a great way to add a little fun to your fall wardrobe. And for only $16, you can’t beat the price!

I paired the blazer with an all black outfit with gold accents. A black pencil skirt and crop top with black and gold platform sandals from Charlotte Olympia. Topped off (no pun intended) with a denim turban, this outfit brings the fun and the fashion!

What I’m Wearing:

Tropical Print Bomber c/o Marshalls (similar here) | Bebe Zip Front Crop Top | Ribbed Pencil Skirt c/o Bar III | Charlotte Olympia Platform Sandal c/o Gilt (get them in red, too!) (And all black, here!) | Denim Turban c/o Fanm Djanm | Neck Cuffs c/o Fanm Djanm | Double Back Earrings c/o Bar III