Are you someone who tells yourself you’ll make time to work out…soon, but soon turns into weeks (or never)? Do you wait so long in between workouts that EVERY workout causes an excruciating aftermath of soreness (that soreness you try to avoid by not working out)? No matter your excuse, it’s time to get up and get moving!

 If you have 10 free minutes in your day, then you have 10 minutes to work out. Although the daily recommended dose is 30 minutes of moderate exertion, short duration/high intensity exercise can be just as effective as longer-duration/lower intensity exercise. Once you find those 10 free minutes, choose one of the following workout columns to help motivate you to move it:


 ***If necessary, tailor one of these workouts to your surroundings and make the adjustments needed to meet you fitness goals. But just get it done!

What are your fitness goals?