A few weekends ago I decided to take a little break from the demands of law school and make a trip to Atlanta for Homecoming at my alma mater, Spelman College. It was a quick weekend filled with lots of fun and reuniting with old friends. I even got to hang out with Christina of LoveBrownSugar and Jessica of Glamazons Blog, who were both experiencing their first HBCU homecoming.

I tweeted and Instagram’d lots of fun pics from that weekend, but this post in particular is about the outfit I wore to that Friday night’s Black Love  party. When I tweeted the picture, one of my followers pointed out that I had only spent $50 on the entire look and I have to admit, even I was like, “Whoa! I did only spend $50!” So why not turn that into a new blog segment, right? And what better place to start than where it all started!

During homecoming, most girls stick to the “short & tight” script, but I was kinda over that whole thing. I told a few people that I wanted to wear a long dress and they all gave me the “What does she think this is…prom?!” look. And you know what? It made me all the more determined to werk it out. Lol.

Get the deets…

I got this black, asymmetrical dress from KnowStyle for $20. I loved that the high neck, slinky silhouette and extra bit of leg action combined to create a sexy yet classy look.

Playing off my platinum blonde hair I opted for a pair of nude, suede peep toe pumps from Charlotte Russe. They were on sale for $15.

I wanted to edge it up just a little bit so I finished the look off with an oversized safety pin necklace that was also from KnowStyle. It was $16.

And just like that…I put this whole look together for a grand total of $51! Talk about a look for less!

 What do you think?! Weigh in on my “Fab for $50” look!