One of the most beautiful things about women is that we have some crazy, incredible shapes. And yes crazy in an absolutely good way. While we may be wired the same genetically, the curves on our body all tell a different story.

We’re thin. We’re full figured. We’re shaped like bottles of Coke, Smart Water, Figi, Capri suns and milk cartons.

We’ve either seen or heard the whole define your body type by fruit thing. While it can prove useful, it’s something about a real life woman in everyday, normal clothes that prove to be a bit more realistic. So I scoured the web to find beautiful, natural looking women, who dress their amazingly gorgeous shapes in equally amazing threads and included a few tips on how to dress each particular body type.

Let’s dig in.



We won’t spend tons of time talking about Tanesha’s gorgeous shape because we’d be here forever. Instead notice how she accentuates every curve on her body by wearing…her actual size. It seems like a no-brainer, but when you’re full-figured it’s important to avoid wearing clothes that are too big in an attempt to hide your problem areas. Shying away from color and/or prints is also a no go. And let’s face it, it’s kind of safe. And boring. Stripes, dots, zig- zags and plaids are just as appropriate on a size 18 as it is on a size two.

“Tall & Lean”


Photo credit: Bambi’s Armoire

Facts are fact. Tosha’s gams are heaven. She plays up her lean figure well with midriff-baring tops and asymmetrical skirts. Most women who are tall and thin tend not to have very big breasts and/or have a sort of boyish figure. To camouflage a small chest, add layers and go for an exaggerated neckline. Dresses and skirts with details create more girly curves. Try a tulle skirt or a Peplum top.



Photo credit: Nini Style

The average height of a woman is somewhere between 5’2 and 5’5 but there is absolutely nothing average about Nini. She dresses her small torso in high waisted bottoms to create a flattering illusion. Adding a crop top is an idealistic choice as well. A long dress with the right pattern is another option. Prints add dimension and depth and makes for a shapely silhouette. While not at all necessary, heels instantly give the impression of a longer leg.



Photo credit: Fashion Bible

Women with an hourglass figure have to be especially careful that they don’t present themselves with too much sexy at the wrong moments (i.e. church, work, kids birthday parties). Emma from London does a great job flaunting her curves but she also provides balance. One of the biggest keys to appropriately dressing a coke bottle shape is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while accentuating your waist.

Which body type are you? What tips can you offer to flatter your favorite body part?