Multiway Dress c/o AKIRA | Steve Madden Heeled Sandal (similar here) (Love these too!) | #SpeakBeautiful Bracelet c/o DoveRuby Woo Lipstick from MAC


The internet can be a beautiful place. I’ve met some of my closest and dearest friends via the internet. But we also know that the internet can be a dark place where people say and do things that they probably would be ashamed of it they weren’t behind a computer screen. As a blogger, I’ve experienced that part of the internet first hand.

When I first started blogging, many, many moons ago, I received my first feature in a major online publication. I was so excited! But when I read the comments (my first mistake), I was horrified at what I saw. Not a single one of the comments was positive. People talked about everything from the color of my skin, to my weight, to my clothing choices. It floored me. It didn’t quite bring me to tears, but it certainly caused me a great deal of heartache and embarrassment. My blogging experience since then has definitely been more ups than downs, but when 52% of girls say they feel negatively about themselves because of social media, it’s important that we each do our part to change the conversation happening on social media and lift each other up instead of tearing others down with our words.

So, I’ve partnered with Dove by wearing this #SpeakBeautiful bracelet as a reminder to myself and others to speak love and joy into others!

Join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting me (@BlakeVonD) your #SpeakBeautiful words for a change to win your own bracelet.



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