I’ve been feeling extremely arts & craftsy lately so I took a trip to Michael’s for my fix.

I had this old scarf that I used to use to accessorize my hair (back when I had hair…lol). Now that I don’t need it anymore I decided to turn it into a necklace.

Click through the pics to see how I did it.

Things You’ll Need

1. An old scarf

2. Something to the decorate scarf with (beads, pendants, etc.)

3. 20 gauge copper wire

4. Scissors

Step 1

Slide beads onto scarf with equal spacing between each bead.

Make sure the first bead you slide on is centered on the scarf and then alternate placing beads on each end.

Step 2

Coil 20 gauge copper wire tightly around the space in between each bead.

You may need a pair of pliers to squeeze the ends of the wire tightly against the fabric. Although I was able to get by without them.

Step 3: Secure Final Beads

Slide on final beads and then secure them in place by wrapping a small amount of cooper wire around the fabric directly above it.

I left a little exposed fabric between the end of the coiled section and the actual bead just for added detail.

Final Product

Tied in a bow in back

Paired w/ Bohemian Inspired Sandals

Sandals from Steve Madden