Earring holder…check. Bracelet Holder…check. All that was left was a ring holder. I wanted something cute and chic, but still very functional. Well what’s more chic than shoes!

1) Hot glue gun 2) Black suede-like fabric 3) Foam* 4) Scissors

*The strip of foam was actually the remaining window insulation that came with my A/C unit. I’m always keeping my eye open for things that could be used in later DIY projects, so when I come across stuff like this I hold on to it.

And of course…a pair of high heels! I used this old pair of cobalt suede heels that I’ve had for a while. They were pretty scuffed up and if it weren’t for this DIY project, their next stop would have been the trash.

I first started by giving the highs a good scrub down.

Next, I took the strip of foam I had and covered it with the black fabric. I got lucky and the back of this was already sticky, so I didn’t have to glue or tape the fabric to the foam. But you can use hot glue for this part.

Once you’ve covered your foam, use the hot glue gun the begin creating the ring slots. Glue the end of the foam to the back of the shoe, then create a small hump with the foam. I stuffed small pieces of an old t-shirt underneath each hump so that it holds shape and creates a tight grove to slid the rings in later.

Create the hump, stuff with scrap material and then hot glue it to the inside bottom of the shoe. Repeat this down the length of the shoe. Make sure you glue the sides of the shoe against the foam as well.

I also used a small piece of black fabric to cover the peep toe area.

Lastly, I glued an old hair accessory to the outside of the shoe for added embellishment.