Not all DIYs have to start from scratch. A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Beacon’s Closet and got a couple of really good thrift store finds. (Beacon’s Closet never disappoints, in case you didn’t know.) Among those finds was a grey clutch. I loved the shape, size, and textured pattern, but what I especially loved was the $10.95 price tag! The only thing I didn’t love was the color…(it reminded me of the purses my grandmama used to wear to church). Good thing there’s nothing a good can of $6 fluorescent spray paint can’t fix!

Check out how I transforemed this clutch

Start by covering with tape (I used ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape…it doesn’t leave sticky residue) any portions of the clutch you don’t want to get paint on them*; specifically the metal detailing.

*I initially covered the entire top flap because thought I might want to leave it grey (or some other color). Ultimately I decided to paint it all one color.

Next, just begin spray painting. You will need several coats in order to get a variant, opaque finish. Be sure to let each coat dry for about an hour.

When opened, I covered the top portion of the clutch with a towel to keep the inside lining from getting spray paint on it.

After it dries, remove the tape & you’re done!


Top – sundress (repurposed); Pants – Necessary Clothing; Leather Jacket – Cherry Bomb (Atlanta); Pumps – Charlotte Russe; Earrings – Forever 21