So I’ve finally figured out what love feels like. I am in LOVE with Do-It-Yourself projects!!! Like seriously, I’ve done one probably every day this week and I have a million ideas for more in the future.

Today’s project? Glamming up an old* t-shirt! (*I actually purchased a new shirt for this project.)

See process below:

Things You’ll Need

1. An old (or new) t shirt

2. Scrap fabric from another old t shirt

3. A chain

4. Pair of scissors

Step 1: Cut Material

Cut the scrap fabric you’ve chosen into thin slips with tapered ends. Make sure you fold the fabric in half before you cut it…it creates more slips.

Step 2: Create Holes in Seam

Use the scissors to create small holes right underneath the shoulder seam of the t shirt and thread the fabric slips through the holes. (Similar to shoe laces)

Step 3: Attach Chains

Break the chain up into uneven section by simply opening up one of the links. Use the opened links to reattach the pieces of chain to the shirt.

Final Product!