I’m on a mission to make sure that everything in my life has a place–everything from people to accessories. But since it’s not so easy determining where certain people in your life should go, why not start with my accessories. I made an earring holder recently and now I’ve moved on to my bracelets. (Ring holder coming soon). xoxo

Here’s how I did it…

1. Paper Towel or Wrapping Paper Tube 2. Base of some sort (I used an old seat card holder from a wedding) 3. Fabric 4. Scotch Tape 5. Hot Glue/Gun 6. Scissors 7. Newspaper

Start by using a knife (or the edge of a pair of scissors) to cut a slit in the center of the tube and then place your base inside the slit.

Once I had placed the top of my base into the slit, I twisted it so that was perpendicular to the slit and wouldn’t slide back out.

Secure with scotch tape for extra stability.

Next, stuff the tube with newspaper so that it holds shape once the bracelets are in place & for added sturdiness.

Using your piece of fabric, you’re going to cover the cardboard tube. Cut a slit in the edge of the fabric, place it around the base structure and then hot glue the edges in place.

Pull the fabric tight around the tube and then hot glue edges.

To finish, simply tie the ends in a knot.

…and you’re done!!!*

*I hot glued it to a tea light candle holder, because once the bracelets were in place the weight distribution was too much for the base. (Just had a thought…maybe I should cover the candle holder to make it look like the bottom of the wedding dress. O yea!)


Decided to cover the tea light candleholder in pearls to complete the “dress”.

Will you be making your own bracelet holder?