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Last month I took a trip to L.A. to test out the new Chevy Cruze and share my take on summer style. I got to film a series of videos talking about all of my favorite summer pieces and go-to beauty secrets. I’ll be rolling those videos out over the course of the next few weeks and I hope that you guys will tune in for each of them.

The first up in the series is “Leather in Summer.” There are a lot of misconceptions about what you can wear and when. In this video I’m dispelling the belief that you can only rock leather in the cooler months. My advice is pretty simple… Where what you want, when you want!

This was my first run at on screen work and even though I was pretty nervous at the start, I ended up really having a lot of fun. Not only did I get to meet some great L.A. based bloggers—Haute Pink Pretty & Walk in Wonderland—I got to drive the new Chevy Cruze! As a lifelong Southerner, former East Coast dweller and recent Midwest transplant, I can officially say that L.A. traffic really is as terrible as everyone says it is. Seriously…how do you people do it?! That said, cruisin’ in the Cruze really did make the experience a tad bit more bearable. Stay tuned for the follow-up videos where I show you all the neat features in the car. In the meantime, check out my “big screen” debut!

(Don’t worry, outfit details will follow soon).