It’s finally here! The first room reveal of my home tour! I’m so excited to share this space because it’s been a such a long time coming.

When I moved into my apartment, I thought for sure I would be done decorating in a matter of months. Yet, here I am a year later and only one room as reached stage one of completion. (Because is a room ever really complete?) But given the number of threatening DMs I’ve received from you guys on Instagram, I figured it was high time I showed you something. So let’s just jump right into it!

When it comes to decor, I’m a ‘more is more’ kind of girl. Not necessarily more furniture (I don’t like the space to feel cluttered), but more for the eye to take in. Colors, textures, patterns, mirrors…just more. I am also a big fan of moody vibes. I mean, have you seen my IG feed? The problem with that is I often have so many ideas it can be hard for me to hone in on clear direction. So, when Demetrius of Savvy Settings Home reached out about a possible collaboration it was like all my prayers had been answered.

Photo credit: Nick Gerber

Gothic Garden Wallpaper c/o Drop It Modern | Wall paint – Behr ‘Durango Blue’ | Tufted Headboard – World Market (try this one!) | White Shag Area RugRugsUSA | Trunk – sidewalk find (can you believe it?!)

I immediately got to work sending him all of my ideas about things I wanted to incorporate into the space. He took all of my 6000 ideas in stride (because he’s amazing at his job) and after a few rounds of revisions came back with a design that really captured my style. It featured this absolutely beautiful wallpaper from Drop It Modern and immediately I was in love. I loved the dark moody color palette balanced against the feminine floral pattern. Seriously, pictures don’t do it justice. You have to come over and see it in person! It’s so stunning and showstopping. And the best part? It’s removable!!! That’s right. REMOVABLE. (Hello, renters!)

What’s special about DIM’s wallpaper—in addition to being removable—is the fact that every pattern is customizable. Which means you can get the perfect pattern for you space. For example, every pattern comes as traditional/repeating wallpaper and as a mural. I loved the large scale of the floral print on the mural, but still wanted the pattern to repeat on the wall. The wonderful people at Drop It Modern had no problem making that happen.

Dresser – Craigslist DIY (head over to this post to see how I made it!) | Velvet Tufted QuiltOpalhouse | Sheet set – Target | Dark grey pillow cases – Target | Mongolian Pillows c/o Z Gallerie | Purple Velvet Pillow – Marshalls (similar) | Mirrored tray – Marshalls (similar)

‘BRAIDS’ print – Shani Crowe (sold out); gold frame – Michaels | Ceramic Table LampProject 62 | ‘Louis Vuitton’ coffee table book – Home Goods | Starburst – Home Goods (similar) | Bedside books – shop them here

My bedroom is essentially split into 2 different sections—one for sleeping, one for relaxing. When you come down the stairs into the space, the first thing that catches your eye is the stunning wallpaper. Next, your eyes land on the plush velvety texture of the headboard and bedding. Nestled under the staircase is the beginnings of what will be a relaxing sitting area. Currently, there are 2 velvet benches I purchased from Homes Goods and a faux sheepskin rug to define the space. I topped the benches with velvet embossed pillows from Etsy. Future plans include relocating my round oversized West Elm mirror from my living room down into space (to replace the floor mirror), more wall art and plants for added dimension. But for now, I’m happy with the direction things are headed.

Velvet Benches – Home Goods (similar here & here) | Faux Sheepskin – ROSS (similar) | Bird flock pillow cover – Etsy

Something you will notice about my bedroom is that there isn’t a closet or television in my room. This was intentional. Because I work from home, much of my space feels like ‘the office.’ I wanted my bedroom to be the one place in my apartment that’s completely quiet, relaxed and doesn’t contain any remnants of my work life—and, yes, that even means no clothes. (After all I blog all day long about clothes and fashion.)

There’s still sooooo much I want to do in the space—namely, address the bare walls—but I know I’m on the right track because every night when I finish working and head downstairs into my bedroom, I smile.


A super special ‘Thank You!’ to Drop It Modern for this gorgeous wallpaper and to Savvy Settings Home for helping me bring my vision to life.