Those of you who have been reading my blog for years know a lot about my upbringing and the fact that I grew up in foster care. While I have many memories from that time in my life—both good and bad—one of the really good memories I have is back to school shopping. Shopping for new clothes wasn’t something we did very often, but much like many other families in America, back to school shopping was a time-honored tradition that could not be taken lightly! What you wore to school that first week MATTERED!

In an effort to make my allotted funds stretch, I always opted to shop for back to school clothes at our local Burlington Coat Factory. Cute clothes at affordable prices…what more could a budget baller ask for?!

So I was super excited when Burlington Stores reached out and wanted to collaborate with me. It was an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane. With Mamby on the Beach right around the corner, I challenged myself—the same way I did back then—to find the perfect outfit for the occasion for less than $100.

BlakeVonD_FreePeople_Burlington_50BlakeVonD_FreePeople_Burlington_63(1)BlakeVonD_FreePeople_Burlington_22BlakeVonD_FreePeople_Burlington_52(1)BlakeVonD_FreePeople_Burlington_01(2)BlakeVonD_FreePeople_Burlington_17Photo credit: Arin Agase of Heart of Chic

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: c/o Burlington Stores

Shoes: c/o Burlington Shoes

DISCLOSURE: The post was created in collaboration with Burlington Stores, for which, I was compensated. However, the opinions expressed are solely my own. Thank you for supporting sponsors as they help make my blog possible!