I am a 29 year old attorney and digital influencer. After graduating from Spelman College in 2009, being the adventure seeker that I am, I packed my bags and headed for The Big Apple. It was during this time that I really began to make a name for myself in the world of blogging, with features on Essence.com, Fashion Bomb Daily and Refinery29—and all while earning a Master’s Degree from NYU.

Not one to settle, in 2012, I decided to pursue her life long dream of becoming an attorney and enrolled in law school at Tulane University.

Throughout all of my academic endeavors, I have continued to use my influence as a blogger to champion the causes most near to my heart—specifically the empowering of women in all their various walks of life and the celebration of women of color across all professions, but especially in the field of fashion.

As I embark on a new stage of both my legal and creative careers, I will continue to champion those efforts. I currently serve as Brand Ambassador for major brands such as Marshalls and Loeffler Randall, working side by side with each as they embark on their journey to breathe new life into the concepts of diversity and beauty.


When it first began on New Year’s Eve 2008, Blake Von D was intended to simply be the ramblings of a soon-to-be college graduate who was unsure about what sort of future lie ahead and who was not yet comfortable in her own skin. But I soon found that I had unknowingly birthed a place where girls who, like me, were still growing into the leaders and confident women they desired to be, could come together from all over the world and inspire each other to embrace their inevitable greatness.

Forever a lover of art, I have always seen fashion as a way of expressing yourself and it wasn’t long before my readers took notice. As the comments of support during a noticeably unstable period of my life started to pour in, so did the questions about the inspiration behind my personal style and requests for the retail details. I gladly obliged… and (luckily) they kept coming back!

Now with readers on 6 continents—who all lovingly refer to themselves as “VonDees,” this collective journey into womanhood is just getting started and my VonDees and I plan to be fiercely fashionable and boldly confident every high heeled stop of the way!


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